Bus driver in Spain accused of hurling insults at woman with reduced mobility

CLAIMS: “People like you should not exist”, the driver reportedly told the passenger, among other insulting remarks CREDIT: es.wikipedia.or

A MADRID bus driver has been provisionally removed from his post following accusations he hurled insults at a passenger with reduced mobility.

“There can’t be a hold up because people like you want to get on the bus”, the driver on the number 334 interurban route reportedly told the woman when she got on with an electric scooter.

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“Your parents are irresponsible”, “people like you should not exist”, “you are mental retards”, and “you are babies: look at you crying”, he added, according to media reports.

The FAMMA federation of associations for people with a physical disability claims the driver’s behaviour towards the woman was a case of “degrading treatment.”

As well as the insults, FAMMA maintains the driver made the passenger get off the bus three stops earlier than she wanted to on the grounds “there are always a lot of cars parked in the place adapted for lowering the ramp.”

This created an extra problem for the woman “as she has orientation problems, and this change of routine put her in a risky position, which thanks to the help of other passengers could be overcome”, the federation said.

FAMMA has called for disciplinary action against the driver and the bus company, pointing out that in its conditions of service it “guarantees adequate application of psychological checks on drivers to avoid situations of these characteristics.”

The federation argues that bus drivers should be aware of the importance of their job in providing a public service which is “essential for facilitating the personal autonomy of people with reduced mobility.”

Remarked FAMMA President Javier Font on the driver’s alleged actions, “such contemptible behaviour cannot be allowed.”

“The reality brings to light that in 2020 people with a disability are still being harassed for being different and that as a society we should not lower our guide and should punish attitudes of hate towards people with a disability.”


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