Worker ‘buried alive’ in Spain WARNED management of imminent collapse 3 days before landslide

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Aerial view of the work to rescue the two workers buried under thousands of tons of industrial waste in Zaldibar. Credit: Miguel Toña.

THE worker who was ‘buried alive’ under a landslide in Spain warned management of an imminent collapse in the earth just three days before the tragic event took place, according to local sources.

The worker had raised his concern to heads at the Zaldibar Verter Recycling Landfill in the Basque Country about the unstable land and that more accumulation of waste would cause the ground to collapse.

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Despite his warnings, trucks continued to unload waste into the landfill up until half a million cubic meters of waste and land collapsed, uprooting trees and burying the man and a colleague under the landslide.

Since the devastating event took place last Thursday, the search for the two missing workers has been suspended several times due to the presence of asbestos and the danger posed to all those who involved in the operation. So far, the two men have not been found.

As Euro Weekly News understands, geologists are currently analysing the land to determine its level of stability.


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