Spain’s Axarquia – Coraxalia Choir Forced To Move

Axarquia - Coraxalia Choir Forced To Move Credit: Coraxalia

CORAL CORAXALIA is a group of enthusiastic individuals who simply love to sing.

They have a multi-national and multi-lingual membership, unfortunately they have had to move out of their rehearsal room in Vinuela due to severe structural faults developing and for 12 months they have been rehearsing in a little room next to the church in Vinuela.

The room however is also in need of urgent refurbishment and the Coraxalia Choir has been forced to move once again.


The group is currently relocating to Puente Don Manuel and is recruiting singers to take part in “Liverpool”, an oratorio written by Paul McCartney, which will take place in Granada in May.

The talented musical group is also rehearsing Faure Requiem and learning lots of international folk songs.

So if you like singing, don’t miss out on the opportunity to meet new people and have some great fun.

For more information call 689 111 352 email [email protected].


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