Residents of Nueva Andalucia angered at dog poisoning on the Costa del Sol

One fatality: Signs of warning in neighbourhood Credit: Twitter

A COURT in Marbella has opened proceedings after eight cases of dog poisoning were reported in the district of Nueva Andalucia. The investigation, carried out by the Cuerpo Nacional de Policía, began after complaints filed last week by owners of dogs that suffered symptoms of having ingested some type of toxic product, although it has not yet been possible to determine what type of substance it is. So far eight cases have been reported, although only one has been fatal.

The streets of La Campana, the neighbourhood that concentrates most of the cases, has been filled with posters warning of the situation.

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The case has caused alarm in the neighbourhood and the wrath has been unleashed on social networks, where reference is made to alleged fatal cases that have not been confirmed by investigators.



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