News round up in brief from Spain’s Costa Blanca

Electric bikes for public use. Credit: Shutterstock





MURCIA has been selected by the European Commission as a pilot city for the implementation of an innovative public user-centred electric bicycle system. This system will include the installation of charging points using the electricity supplied by a photovoltaic pergola for 35 electric bikes and reduce 500,000 tons of CO2.


Geek fest

ELCHE, in Costa Blanca, is set to host an event celebrating manga and alternative culture called “Elche Go” that will take place on February 29 and March 1 in L’Escorxador. Cosplay, K-pop dance competitions, soft combat, board games, a ninjutsu exhibition, videogames and workshops will be some of the activities that attendees can enjoy.


Stop, Look

PINOSO is one of the villages that has decided to use zebra crossings with pictograms to make the journey through town safer for children with autism. The pictograms on the traffic crossings explain with drawings words such as “Stop, Look, Stopped Car, Cross” so they are more easily understood.


Mugger cuffed

MURCIA police arrested a man suspected of stabbing someone several times with a screwdriver to rob them a day earlier after receiving reports on Saturday he was wandering around the same area. The suspect is wanted by a Valencia court in relation to an illegal power supply connection.


Dog parks

COUNCILLOR of Health of Lorca, Mayte Martínez, has proposed actions to enable new dog parks in La Viña, Plaza Virgen de Amargura and San José Park neighbourhoods. The move will create defined spaces in the gardens, public squares and parks, duly signposted, for the walking and recreation of the animals.


Swim Team

THE Department of Sports of Torrevieja recently hosted the Příbram Swimming Club from the Czech Republic who had their sports holidays in the town. The swimmers aged between 12 and 16 have trained in the Olympic pool and have taken advantage of the great weather to perform outdoor training.


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