Malaga turf war sees gangs use assault rifles on the Costa del Sol

Escalating aggression: Has become a full-on street war.Credit: Guardia Civil

INCREASING aggressions between gangs in the province of Malaga has led its members to have to demonstrate who is top dog. Gang members have taken the “war” in turf war literally and begun to use assault rifles, such as the AK-47, or even explosives.

It is a reality shared by the representatives of the different police unions in Malaga. The head of the Unified Police Union, Mariló Valencia, insists that the use of an AK-47 aims to show those of the rival gangs the power of their rivals.

The general secretary of the Jupol police union, Miguel Ángel Millán, knows the reality of this neighbourhood well since he has spent more than ten years of his professional career in this area of the capital. He explains that weapons of war have always been in the neighbourhood, having even been “found stashed in a wall to hide them,” and that it is in high peaks of conflict between clans, for drug or family reasons, that they are used.


However, it has been suggested that there is still a lack of officers to deal with the situation and that at least 250 more local police are required in the streets of Malaga to cover the city’s current needs.




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