Extensive menu of activities for Costa Almeria gastronomy promotion initiative in Adra

IDEA: The council believes events promoting local produce and cuisine will boost tourism. CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA council has presented an extensive menu of activities for this year to promote locally-grown produce and cuisine.

The ‘Adra KMCERO’ programme gets underway on February 24 with an informative day for professionals run by top chef and the project ambassador Tony Garcia at his Almeria city restaurant. Between then and November there will be a series of talks, visits, cookery demonstrations, practical workshops, mentoring, food tastings, gastronomy days showcasing local culinary specialities and more.

In the peak summer months there will be a particular focus on activities designed to introduce children to cooking.


“With Adra KMCERO we want to project the image of Adra to the outside, the authenticity of our local produce, Adra people’s culinary traditions and to identify our gastronomy with a distinctive quality stamp which will serve as a tourist attraction”, Mayor Manuel Cortes explained.

Cortes also thanked all the participating local restaurants, describing them as “the key piece” of the initiative.

The more than €156,000 investment in Adra KMCERO has been financed by the European Regional Development Fund and by the local authority.

The idea underlying the project the council said is “to make the most of such an important resource in the municipality, improving the competitiveness of local establishments, and in this way promoting tourism in the municipality, with a distinctive gastronomy brand.”


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