Costa Blanca’s Javea needs Government help

JAVEA PROMENADES: Storm damage forgotten. Photo credit: Javea town hall

Costa Blanca’s Javea council voted to request official classification as a zone seriously affected by Storm Gloria. The municipality hopes to be in line for government aid that will assist in repairing the extensive damage caused by last month’s catastrophic storms. This would include direct help for the fishing and agriculture sectors, tax breaks for companies affected by the storm and generous credit conditions for loans to repair or replace material damage. The town hall is also asking for an EU Solidarity Fund grant enabling infrastructure and installations to function once more.

The central government will also be asked for exceptional fiscal concessions allowing the town hall to dip into its budget surplus to cover expenditure resulting from the January storms. The municipality continues restoring affected zones, replacing shattered paving in Avenida Marina Española while work has concluded on the La Grava promenade. Here, only the wall separating it from the beach–the responsibility of the coastal authority-remains to be finished. Work has commenced on repairing the La Caleta promenade while priority has been given to drafting plans for repairing the Paseo del Arenal. Meanwhile, sand dredged from the Fontana canal has been used to counter erosion on the Arenal beach, the town hall announced.




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