Coronavirus alert in Spain as Chinese tourist presents symptoms of the disease

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The patient remains in isolation at University Hospital Río Hortega in Valladolid. Credit: University Hospital Río Hortega.

THE Ministry of Health of Castile and León in Spain has activated the national protocol after a Chinese tourist has presented the symptoms of coronavirus.

As reported by the Ministry in a statement, the patient is from Shanghai in China, a city which has now imposed strict controls on residents in a battle to contain the spread of the infection.

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The patient had admitted themselves into the University Hospital Río Hortega in Valladolid on Monday evening (February 10) and will remain in isolation whilst doctors await their test results from the National Centre for Microbiology at the Carlos III Health Institute in Madrid.

In response to the suspected case, the Board of Castilla and León have stressed that the hospital has the adequate infrastructure to manage the potentially infected patient. They also reassure that medical personnel have both the necessary training and experience in epidemiological alerts.


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