Art Exhibition With Powerful Message In Spain’s Vélez-Málaga

Art Exhibition With Powerful Message In Spain’s Vélez-Málaga Credit: Velez_Malaga

Spain’s Vélez-Málaga CAC together with the ONCE Foundation promote an Art Exhibition which holds a powerful message.

The exhibition, called “The World Flows” offers two perspectives on the same reality. The exhibition can be visited from now until March 29 at the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo (CAC) Francisco Hernández.

The source of inspiration, which draws on the work of various artists, has been disability.


The exhibition aim is to transmit a clear message of integration of people with disabilities into the workplace and to convey to citizens that culture and art are important instruments of social inclusion.

The exhibition consists of 35 works of different characteristics, techniques and styles including photography, painting and sculpture. Created by 31 authors, national and international, of which 28 have some kind of disability and the rest have used disability as a source of inspiration for their creation. Works are represented in different ways, reflecting also disabilities in any of its forms, sensory; visual or auditory, mental, intellectual or physical.


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