Spain’s Almuñécar Launches A Safety Campaign For The Elderly

Although the exact details have yet to be finalised, the centre will be equipped with the all the medical professionals and equipment needed to take care of the elderly diagnosed with Covid-19. Credit: Shutterstock

Almuñécar launches a safety campaign aimed to prevent and improve the safety of the town’s senior citizens.

The event is to take place Thursday 13, at 11 am, in the Social Services Centre located in the La Paloma district.

The event will be led by the Citizen Information Team (EICI) of the Guardia Civil and will offer an informative talk on safety for the elderly. Highlighting the main threats detected such as theft, and fraudulent use of their funds, accounts and savings by dishonest third parties.


In addition to safety aspects in regards to theft, the campaign also aims to introduce welfare intervention activities such as establishing a channel of communication and collaboration between health and safety entities and those in direct contact with the senior citizens of the community.

The Councillor for Social Services and the Elderly of the Almuñécar Town Council, María del Carmen Reinoso, encourages the elderly to attend the event which is open to “all”.


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