Sea Bass and Gate Feature as Tapas in Costa Blanca Village Spain

: Fresh fish, a way to a healthy life Credit: Santa Pola flickr

ONCE again residents of and visitors to the fishing village of Santa Pola can enjoy the special  Tapeix tapas route for the 11th consecutive year, running from February 28 to March 18.

Peix refers to local fish included in the tapas route and 12 local bars and restaurants will be offering at least two different options using sea bass and gate.

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The fish will be supplied free of charge to the different outlets by the local Brotherhood of Fishermen in order to help promote the healthy eating of these two species.

In addition, those establishments taking part may offer a third tapas of their choice which should feature fish.

A special App will be made available by the council on February 27 giving full details of all of the outlets taking part and showing a suggested route for those who want to try everything on offer.

At the end of the event, dinner for two will be raffled at each of those bars and restaurants taking part.


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