Outbreak of Virus Means that Cruise Ship Doesn’t Stop at Gibraltar

Spirit of Discovery enters the water Credit: Dickelbers CC

A LINER diverted from planned visit to Gibraltar as 89 suspected cases of Norovirus (Diarrhoea, vomiting and fever) not Coronavirus, hit passengers on board and the vessel with 868 passengers and 513 crew returned to Southampton.

The Spirit of Discovery is the first cruise liner to be built for Saga Cruises which has always in the past purchased second hand vessels and then renamed them.

On July 5,  2019, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall christened Spirit of Discovery at Dover, ahead of its maiden voyage which circumnavigated the United Kingdom.

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Since then it has made regular cruises, often in the Mediterranean and a second vessel to be called Spirit of Adventure is due to join her in 2021.


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