Heavy disruption at Ses Comes School in Spain’s Mallorca

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Improvement works have been left uncompleted at Ses Comes School in Porto Cristo. Credit: M. Nadal.

TEACHERS at Ses Comes School in Porto Cristo in Spain’s Mallorca have made a complaint to the Department of Education to denounce their ‘poor working conditions.’

At present, the school is undergoing major restoration works, which both teachers and parents claim have been unfinished and created a distracting and unsafe environment for students.

In their complaint, teachers stress that management have ‘standardised issues that are not normal’ which is negatively impacting their work. This includes loud noise from labourers during school hours and a big hole which has been left in the outside grounds that poses great danger.


For these reasons, they express that they are ‘tired of the situation’ and ask that the Department of Education take a more central role in the improvement works scheduled to be completed on September 1 due to ongoing disagreements with the company contracted to finish the labour.


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