Fights break out at Gatwick Airport as children sleep on the floor and Airlines cancel flights due to Storm Ciara

With little children asleep on the floor, fights broke out among passenger passengers after flights cancellations were announced.

Fed up, hungry, and most of all ANGRY! A massive all-out fight has erupted in a few minutes ago at Gatwick Airport. A source sent in the picture of a packed departure hall where young children had been forced to sleep on the floor after being advised to wait for the latest flight information.

After the cancelations were announced, due to Storm Ciara, it proved to be the last straw for a few stranded passengers and security had to rush in and stop it before it got out of hand, although a few people were injured already. The source said things are still very tense and a horrible atmosphere has engulfed the terminal as the staff tries to calm things down offering food vouchers and free drinks. More to follow.

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