Crime gang members under arrest in Cartagena for string of Costa Blanca house break-in

ORGANISED: The gang checked escape routes and occupants’ comings and goings before breaking in CREDIT: Shutterstock

POLICE in Cartagena have arrested 10 members of a gang accused of breaking into at least eight homes on the Costa Blanca.

The thieves used the same method to break into all the properties: clambering over walls and breaking doors or windows on internal patios to avoid being seen.

According to police the criminal network pre-selected the property they were planning to hit. They would check out possible escape routes and take a note of the occupants’ usual comings and goings.


Contacts acting as informants would meanwhile keep them up-to-date on possible targets.

One of the suspected gang members also did carpentry jobs, taking advantage of being in people’s homes to do carry out some kind of repair or job to make a note of information or to pocket items.

A raid on one of the gang leaders led to the seizure of cash, jewellery, mobile phones and other items directly linked to the break-ins. Police also found tools used to get into the properties.


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