Council in Spain slammed for organising workshop for 10-year-old children on ‘how to flirt’

The workshop is aimed at children between 10- and 14-years-old. Credit: MEAWW

THE City Council of Ciempozuelos in Spain’s Madrid have been slammed for organising a workshop on how to flirt for children between the ages of 10 and 14.

In the programme for the ‘educational sessions’, the City Council state that the workshop will serve as a ‘romantic camp’ for children, coinciding with the event’s date on Valentine’s Day. After dinner, the first activity of the evening will be to break the ice with social skills.

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The organisers also state that the workshop will include games and activities to work on communication, self-esteem and self-confidence through team work where the objective is to understand the importance of trusting and loving oneself and others.

¡Atención a l@s jóvenes! El próximo viernes… ¡Acampada romántica!¿Cuál será el programa 📋 de la jornada? 👇🏼•…

Geplaatst door Ayuntamiento de Ciempozuelos op Zondag 9 februari 2020

The workshop has however garnered heavy criticism on social media, with the majority of users asking exactly why a child would need to flirt.

One said: “Are we going crazy? 10-year-old children learning how to flirt? I would understand workshops to laugh, build self-esteem, social interaction… but flirting at that age?”


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