Bay of Palma in Spain’s Mallorca set to be made a ‘Special Protection Zone’

The Residents' Associations of Palma and Molinar ask that the Bay of Palma is protected. Credit: S. Amengual

THE Residents’ Associations of Palma and El Molinar in Spain’s Mallorca have urged the City Council to declare the Bay of Palma a special protection zone (ZEP).

President Miquel Obrador did formally request for the zone to be enforced in the last legislature, however it was only implemented from Le Seu Cathedral to Es Carnatge. This has sparked the Associations to present the proposal once again to the City Council due to the the matter being considered as one of ‘vital importance.’

Their request demands that improvements are made to ensure the safety and maintenance of the bay which is deemed ‘a unique nature reserve that is currently neglected.’ They also ask that there is better protection of traditional monuments along the promenade to preserve the bay’s maritime heritage and that palm trees are given special attention.


Obrador stressed that the Associations want their “residents to be proud of the marina and historical mills” and ask that City Council officials support their petition which will be officially presented at the next plenary session of the Town Hall later this month.

The Associations also hope that the Bay of Palma will be given the same protection measures as spaces such as Ses Covetes and Es Trenc so that it can not only serve tourists, but residents who live on the island all year round.


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