Bag snatching Costa Blanca teenager under arrest after moped rider gives chase

MUGGERS: Two youths approached the 78-year and yanked her bag off her arm. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A TEENAGER accused of snatching a 78-year old’s handbag last Friday in the Llano de Brujas area of Murcia is under arrest.

Local Police detained the 14-year old after a member of the public on a moped gave chase.

According to reports the elderly woman had just stepped out of a bank when two youngsters approached her, yanked her bag off her arm and ran off.


The victim called for help, pointing out the two scarpering thieves to the passing moped rider. He followed the pair through several streets and eventually managed to catch up with and hold on to one.

The other one managed to get away after throwing the stolen bag under a nearby car.

By this time a call reported the crime had been put through to the 112 emergency number, and a police patrol headed for the location to arrest the teenager and take him to the station.

The 14-year’s father was immediately informed and within minutes appeared at the station and identified his son.

Police gathered sufficient information to identify the lad’s accomplice.

Officers also recovered the stolen bag, which was missing the victim’s mobile phone.


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