Agricultural Entrepreneur Arrested In Spain For Having Irregular Workers

Agricultural Entrepreneur Arrested In Spain For Having Irregular Workers Credit: Shutterstock

THE Guardia Civil has arrested a farmer from the Spanish town of Palos de la Frontera in Huelva as the alleged perpetrator of a crime against workers’ rights.

At least eight people were found to be in “irregular working” conditions, including having a great part of their salary withheld by their employer.

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The investigations have been carried out by agents of the Civil Guard of the Immigrant Assistance Team (Edati), whose mission is to inform immigrants of their rights, attend to their demands and needs in terms of security, as well as facilitate the processing of documents and ensure compliance with labour regulations in their hiring.

As Euro Weekly News understands, according to a statement issued by the Guardia Civil, a group of about ten people were working on a farm, none of whom had any authorisation to live or work in Spain.

The agents, together with work inspectors from Huelva, carried out an inspection on the farm and located eleven workers, among whom eight people were identified as being in an irregular situation.

The detainee and the corresponding proceedings have been placed at the disposal of the Courts of Instruction of Guardia de Moguer.


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