Resentment and Anger as it was revealed that the ‘UK’s worst rapist’ was allowed £400,000 in taxpayer funded legal aid

Reynhard Sinaga – the 'UK's worst rapist' used the Uk`s legal system

Reynhard Sinaga, who is from a wealthy Indonesian family, his dad owns several branches of a bank in Indonesia, was granted £400,000 cash to cover defence costs at four of his trials it has been learned.

He was convicted of 159 attacks on 48 men but police think the toll of victims is more like 200. The rapist, who was feared to have attacked 195 men, has so far cost taxpayers £400,000 in legal aid – and the bill could DOUBLE.

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His final victim – an 18-year-old rugby player – said: “People will be outraged by this.

“He’s always had his dad’s money. But when it comes to the court cases he gets taxpayers’ money. There are people desperate for help who don’t get legal aid.”

The £399,062 spent, revealed in a Freedom of Information request, covered two trials. The bill for the third and fourth trials has yet to be calculated – but could also be £400,000.

In 2017 Sinaga, 36, got £193,686 for lawyers at crown court. A further £205,376 was paid in 2018 and there was £1,953 to cover solicitors at police stations. His family paid for his UK student fees for over 10 years and the Manchester flat where he lured victims.



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