Coronavirus: Brighton shop warns customers to wear face mask and plastic gloves

Chinese shop owner Lai Chen Zhang put a sign outside his store warning customers they must wear face masks and gloves.

A Brighton shop owner has warned customers they must wear face masks and plastic gloves when browsing his store following nearby coronavirus diagnoses.

Chinese shop owner Lai Chen Zhang, 30, put a sign outside Yung Feng Oriental Food Store on London Road explaining the new policy.

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The sign reads: Disposable gloves are available at the front of the shop.

Mr. Zhang said if the virus is already in the area then the precaution “doesn’t help much”, but he is keeping the policy and added that his Chinese customers have complimented him for the sign. Asked if other shops should follow his example, Mr. Zhang said: “Probably not… I’ve overreacted.

“I wouldn’t like many shops to do the same because this is only making fear and panic.” Mr. Zhang has taken the precaution after seeing that a British man is thought to have been diagnosed in Brighton before being transferred to St Thomas’ Hospital in London.


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