Lifeless body of elderly woman found floating in estuary in Spain

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The woman's body was found floating in the Ria , Bizkaia. Credit: Luis Tejido.

THE lifeless body of an elderly woman has been found floating in an estuary in Spain.

As reported by the emergency services, the woman’s corpse was seen in the waters of the Ria Bizkaia, which is located in Bilbao in the Basque Country, at approximately 11pm on Friday, February 7.

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A group of residents had made the shocking discovery and alerted the 112 hotline to report that there a body was moving closer to the edge of the Paseo de la Benedicta.

The Basque Department of Security state that the woman is approximately 70-years-old and that an autopsy will now be performed in hope of determining her identity and the exact circumstances behind her death.

As Euro Weekly Mews understands, police officers are not treating the death as suspicious at this time due to the woman’s body showing no signs of violence.


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