Family dispute turns deadly in Spain’s Andalucia as man is shot dead by brother

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A FAMILY dispute ended in death in Spain’s Andalucia as a man was allegedly shot dead by his own brother.

As reported by the Guardia Civil, the fatal incident took place at approximately 9.30pm on Friday, February 7 in Los Palacios y Villafranca in Seville.

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It is understood that a family of four had entered into a heated argument with one another, when a man took out his shotgun and fired at his 45-year-old brother.

Hearing the commotion and subsequent gun shots, multiple residents had called the 112 emergency services hotline concerned that someone may be in danger. Officers from the Local Police and Guardia Civil alongside an ambulance promptly arrived at the scene and upon entering the home, they found the victim lying on the floor.

As Euro Weekly News understands, the brother has been arrested on suspicion of murder and the two other family members have also been charged with manslaughter due to their alleged involvement in the homicide. An autopsy of the deceased man is also being carried out by the Institute of Legal Medicine.


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