Ambulance driver on duty in Spain tests positive for cocaine and amphetamines

TRAGEDY: The child died from her injuries an hour after the crash. CREDIT: Facebook @Epes.061

THE Traffic Unit of the Guardia Civil in Spain have revealed that an on duty ambulance driver has produced a positive result for cocaine and amphetamines.

As reported by the unit, the 061 ambulance was stopped by officers after the driver was seen driving erratically yesterday evening (February 7) on the DP-7307 road in the municipality of Ribeira in A Coruña.

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After carrying out a drugs test on the road, the individual produced a positive result for both cocaine and amphetamine, with the vehicle being immediately immobilised. It is understood that the ambulance was not carrying any other medical personnel or patients at the time of the traffic stop.

The unit then sent a secondary sample to their laboratory for analysis, the national protocol for testing narcotics. Once the result was confirmed, officers proceeded to report the driver to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters of A Coruña.

As Euro Weekly News understands, being caught driving under the influence of drugs equates to 6 points on one’s and a penalty of €1,000. There is no indication as of yet if the individual will be terminated from their position at the emergency services.


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