Octogenerian tyre slasher in Spain trying to make drivers rent parking space in his garage

COST: The damage is estimated at more than €2,000 CREDIT: Shutterstock

AN 81-year old man is under arrest for slashing the tyres of 18 vehicles parked in the street in Linares in Jaen as a ploy to make money from renting out garage space, Spanish press reported.

Police officers reportedly caught the octogenarian in the act while carrying out surveillance in the area in response to reports from local residents about damage to their cars.

Several people had complained to the authorities that they had left their cars parked up at night on the road with nothing wrong with them only to find in the morning that the tyres had been slashed and would have to be changed.


According to media reports the elderly detainee had been working on the theory that if residents saw their cars were being damaged when they left them on a public street they would opt to pay to keep them in his warehouse.

The total cost of the damage has been put at more than €2,000.


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