Costa Blanca News: Prosecutor pushes long prison term for rapist in Murcia


THE prosecutor in an ongoing case in Murcia has asked for 17 years in prison for Jesús MCB, a man accused of holding a woman with a borderline personality disorder for thirty hours in the underground parking garage of La Glorieta.
The prosecutor states that the events occurred in June 2017, when the defendant, allegedly, after meeting the woman in the capital of Murcia, took her to the parking lot, located next to the town hall. Once there, and although the woman tried to escape, he violated her “at least” four times. When he fell asleep she tried to call 112, but he woke up, snatched her mobile phone and removed the SIM card.
Finally, the woman, managed to escape and run outside, completely naked. The prosecution has requested twelve years in prison for the crime of rape and five years for a crime of illegal detention, along with ten years of probation and the payment of compensation of €6000 to his victim.


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