Costa Blanca News: Police celebrate 196 years in Murcia

Commemoration: Recognising hard work carried out. Credit: Twitter

DOZENS of people, among which were the Government delegate in the Region of Murcia, Francisco Jiménez, and the Chief of Police, Alfonso Navarro, recently participated in the commemoration of the 196 anniversary of the founding of the Policia Nacional, in which the work of about thirty retired officers was also recognised. Minutes before starting the event at the Archaeological Museum of Murcia, Jiménez praised the work of the Policia Nacional: “Just as we get up and have electricity and water, we also have citizen security guaranteed and that is done by our Security Forces and Bodies of the State “. “Without security, there is no freedom, and they are the ones who guarantee it, those who prevent crimes, those who watch over the fulfilment of our fundamental rights and public liberties and investigate all the crime problems with the aim of serving justice to those who commit them, “said the delegate in statements to the media.


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