Costa Almeria youngsters learn about drug and alcohol consumption risks

PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE: Youngsters tried out glasses simulation the effects of consuming drugs and booze CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Vera

SCHOOLKIDS in Vera have been learning about the risks from drug and alcohol consumption.

Youngsters from the El Palmeral Institute took part in a Drug Dependency Regional Centre workshop to make adolescents aware of what can happen if they consume drugs or booze.

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“The aim is to prevent or delay the age of starting to consume psychoactive substances or activities which could become addictions in the young people in our municipality”, commented Social Affairs councillor Ana Lourdes Ramirez.

The workshop was run by the drug dependency centre doctor Isabel Alaminos. She explained activities included the youngsters’ trying out glasses which simulate the effects of alcohol, cannabis, cocaine and amphetamines, like reduced peripheral or double vision, increased reaction times and lack of coordination.

A further session entitled ‘Alcohol, myths and realities’ focused on issues like the glamourisation of drinking and attitudes it equates with characteristics like success, social prestige, maturity and control.

The workshop was part of the third edition of the fortnight-long Vera Science and Health Days initiative for 800 pupils in the municipal schools. Among the other topics being covered are sex education, first-aid, miracle diets and emotional well-being.


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