Spanish police post warnings about dangerous viral video challenge

Social media danger: Silly game could have tragic results. Credit: Policia Local

IN WHATSAPP chats as well as in social networks, a video showing three high school students involved in a new challenge, which could be dangerous and even cause severe injuries, has been doing the rounds.

In the video three students standing in line count to three, when the one in the middle jumps the two at his side kick away his legs causing him to fall on his back on the concrete to the laughs of the audience.

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Although the origin of the video, or the place where it was recorded, is still unknown, social networks shared the video and made it a trend within hours. Police forces across Spain have reached out on Twitter to warn students and parents of the dangers.

Last year, a viral challenge spread mainly in schools in Spain … the “Desk Challenge”, which was something simple but risky: a classmate’s chair with him sitting was hung from a coat rack, making it suspended at a risky height until the weight made the desk with the student fall, causing the person “sitting in the air” to take a heavy blow. This led the authorities of a high school in Albatera temporarily expel 15 students.



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