Off-Duty Guardia Civil In Spain Rescues Waiter From Violent Attack

Off-Duty Guardia Civil Rescues Waiter From Violent Attack Credit: Guardia Civil

AN off-duty Guardia Civil officer has helped a waiter in a leisure centre in El Alquián (Almería) who was violently attacked by a client.

The events took place in a leisure centre in the district of the capital, where one of the customers, for no apparent reason, began to insult a the rest of the clients in the establishment. The individual was approached by one of the waiters who politely urged him to to leave the building because of his inappropriate behaviour.

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The detainee however, in a raging fury, responded by head-butting the waiter in the face, causing him severer injuries, and then continued the assault with kicks and punches to other parts of the man’s body.

An off-duty Guardia Civil, upon observing the brutal aggression, stepped in by identifying himself in an attempt to cease the violent attack but was himself punched in the face. However the Guardia Civil was able to restrain and arrest the violent aggressor who has been charged with assault.


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