COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Caught red-handed robbing musical school second time around

Malaga registered around 80,174 crimes in 2019, compared to 79,225 the year before. CREDIT: Policia Nacional

IT was a case of unlucky second time around when police caught a thief red-handed robbing the Almeria Municipal Music School just weeks after he broke into the building the first time.

Police said the 49-year old first did over the school mid-January. He forced open the door leading into the reception area with a screwdriver and got his hands on €300 in cash, a microphone and a guitar worth €600.

Investigators circulated a description of the suspect and police patrols in the area were stepped up. Then the robber had another go at the school.


A call to the 091 police line reported that someone has forced open the reception’s outside shutters. Two patrols which were nearby came across the suspect huddled inside the building

Officers found he was carrying two stolen mobile phones. A subsequent search of his home led to the discovery of the screwdriver he had used to break into the school the first time and the gloves and clothes he had worn to carry out the initial robbery.

The 49-year old, who has a police record, has been put in the hands of the courts.


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