COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Cantoria equality education initiative starts well

ACTIVITIES: Children take part in workshops, games and theatre aimed at promoting values of equality CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Cantoria Facebook

AN education initiative aimed at promoting equality in Cantoria has got off to a good start with a higher number of children taking part in the first month than expected, the local council reported.

Financed by the Ministry for Equality as part of the State Pact Against Gender Violence, the Equality School programme features activities like workshops, games and theatre using materials with the common denominator of being orientated at installing values of an equal society without discrimination based on gender, race or religion. The programme is also about putting into practice education models which undermine macho behaviour and gender-based violence.

“We are more than happy, first because it is a project we really wanted to carry out, and now it has become a reality, but the best thing of all is that that reality has been more popular than we predicted”, the Adra Youth, Sport, Communication, Social Affairs and Gender councillor Loly Cruz commented.


“If everything stays as it is now, and with the same circumstances, we can guarantee this this is a model which is here to stay”, the councillor added, saying the local authority is now working on being able to guarantee it continues in the next academic year.

She also reported that the council has provided the nursery school with new toys for the youngest children aimed at promoting equality from the earlier age.


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