COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Adra recycles 24 tonnes of textiles

USES: Items deposited in the bins are either donated to non-profit organisations or converted into products like building insulation CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA recycled more than 24 tonnes of textiles in the special green bins located around the municipality in 2019.

“Adra residents continue demonstrating their commitment and involvement in the care of the planet, with gestures as simple and everyday as recycling”, commented Development and Public Works councillor Ignacion Gines.

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There are 15 green textile recycling bins dotted around Adra town and outlying districts, including La Caracola, Puente del Rio and La Curva. The bins are for depositing unwanted clothing, shoes, sheets, blankets, towels, quilts and similar items.

The company which provides the service free of charge to the municipality collects the items deposited in the bins and sorts them. Anything in good condition is donated to non-profit organisations and items in poor condition are turned into products like building insulation or stuffing for vehicle seating.

Adra council also reported nearly 500 kilos of alkaline batteries were recycled in the municipality last year.


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