Off-duty Costa Almeria officer steps in to stop customer attack on waiter

VIOLENT: The customer headbutted the waiter, injuring his face. CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

AN off-duty Guardia Civil officer stepped in to stop a customer attacking a waiter in an El Alquian establishment.

When the aggressor began hurling insults at other customers the waiter asked him several times to stop or to leave. The man’s reaction was to headbutt the poor employee, injuring his face.

He then carried on hitting and punching the waiter on other parts of his body.


Seeing what was going down, the officer moved in to stop the assault. He identified himself as Guardia Civil, only for the aggressor to turn on him.

In the end he managed to stop the violence and detain the man, informing him verbally of the reasons for his arrest and of his rights, and requesting his transfer to a Guardia station and the formal filing of charges.

The Guardia identified him as 57-year old F.A.GA. from Almeria city


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