Costa del Sol News: Torremolinos pays homage to relatives lost in Spanish Civil War

Acts of remembrance: Relatives of those affected in Spanish Civil War Credit: Twitter

ON SUNDAY Torremolinos Town Council displayed acts of homage to the victims of ‘La Desbandá’ in a meeting in which the Mayor of the town, José Ortiz, and the Councillor for Culture, David Tejeiro, presented four plaques to two survivors and relatives of two of those who died in the massacre of the Malaga-Almeria road of 1937 during the Spanish Civil War.


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Subsequently, the municipal officials accompanied the members of the Association and Club Senderista La Desbandá, to lay flowers at the monument raised in tribute to the victims of the concentration camp that existed in Torremolinos during the Franco regime.

Ortiz has expressed his gratitude to those participating “for allowing a fact like this not to remain in a corner of history, in an educational act which also allows youth to show what happened, a reality that has been hidden for a long time.” In addition, Ortiz has recalled members of his family affected by Franco “and all those people who continue to suffer the horrors of war” and has referred to the rise of the extreme right, noting that “we cannot forget what it meant to our country and for Europe.”



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