Costa del Sol News: Taxi cab tell tales as Malaga cabbies report competitors

Cab wars: Capturing every infraction Credit: BlogMalaga

TAXI drivers of the Costa del Sol have highlighted their upset with Uber and Cabify denouncing the work of these two large platforms in Malaga with driver transport (VTC). The reality is that they have been doing it for some time, capturing every infraction they come across on their mobile phone cameras, from cars parked at a taxi stop to others circulating on roads reserved for public transport such as the Alameda Principal or accessing the city centre without being pre-contracted.

But now they have gone a step further and instead of making these situations public through social networks they are also referring them to the town halls of the municipality where they occur.

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The initiative was launched in December by the Taxi Mobilization Group of the Costa del Sol, a platform established in the summer of 2018 as a strike committee of the sector. So far it has presented of 60 complaints in two batches, the majority before the Consistory of the capital, in which the infraction committed accompanied by a photograph as proof is identified with the vehicle registration number. A group on ‘WhatsApp’ made available to taxi drivers has reached more than 300 images, although in order to be valid the infraction and registration must be clearly seen.


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