Costa Almeria unemployment rises in January

SECTORS: Services registered the most notable increase in unemployment in January CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE unemployment rate in Almeria province went up by 2.72 per cent in January.

Figures from the Employment Public Services showed an additional 1,491 people joined the dole queues during the month, putting the provincial jobless total at 56,263.

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In inter-annual terms however, the number of people registered at Employment Public Services offices in Almeria as searching for work was down by 1,263, representing a 2.2 per cent decrease.

The figures reflect a five per cent decrease in people without previous employment on the dole between January 2019 and January this year. There were also 220 less young jobless people.

By gender, male unemployment in Almeria was 655 people higher by the end of January than a month earlier, while the number of women out of work rose by 836.

By sector, the most notable increase in unemployment in January was in services (1,154).

n terms of age group, the total amount of under-25 jobseekers in Almeria edged up by 60 to 4,219. For over 25s the increase was 1,431 to put the total at 52,044.

In all 25,644 work contracts were registered in January in the province, of which 9.8 per cent were indefinite.


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