COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Pioneering project in Macael to improve family life-work balance

The Spanish Government is exploring ways of compensating working parents who have to take time off to look after kids as a result of school closures. CREDIT: Shutterstock

MACAEL council is launching what it said is a pioneering project in Almeria province aimed at helping local residents reconcile their family lives with their work commitments.

Under the programme set to start operating mid-month, six teachers and monitors will look after children from 3.30 to 8.30pm at facilities at the Nuestra Señora del Rosario school, the sports pavillion, the gymnasium, the two municipal swimming pools, the sports grounds, and shortly at the Parque de las Familias.

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Macael Mayor Raul Martinez said as well as helping families balance family and work, the initiative also creates employment, improves children’s education and helps to ensure people choose to remain living in the municipality.

“The Conciliation Programme is one of the three pillars of this legislature”, the Mayor stressed.

“We want it to be a relief for parents, that our children receive a good level of attention and education, and of course have fun”, he added.

“In short, it is aimed at being a solution for those families who do not have help.”

Martinez explained that the children on the programme will use the time to their homework, plus there will be English and French practice, sports activities aimed at promoting teamwork, workshops, psychomotricity, and on Friday just play activities.

He also clarified that there is a charge for the service, with discounts if families enroll more than one child, and families can choose the hours and materials they want for their children.


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