COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Council investment in new Adra Civil Protection vehicle

IMPORTANT: The Mayor underlined the fact Civil Protection responds to emergencies every day of the year CREDIT: Ayuntamiento de Adra

ADRA council is going to acquire a new, advanced vehicle for the municipal Civil Protection service.

The new €26,000 set of wheels which will replace the existing vehicle will be fully equipped, putting the total investment at more than £50,000. It will, Adra Mayor Manuel Cortes said, allow for improved Civil Protection response times and greater ability to assist.

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Specialist features will include a siren, foldable seat, rescue tripod and a towing hitch ball.

Cortes said the acquisition of the new vehicle was “very important” given the Civil Protection service operates every day of the year in response to emergencies.

The Mayor also commented on his pride in being able to “boast about having one of the best Civil Protection services, not only in Almeria, but in all Andalucia.”

The council reported the Junta de Andalucia has meanwhile approved a grant of nearly €4,000 for Adra’s Civil Protection service to acquire equipment for their changing room.

Last year, the local authority supplied the local Civil Protection with new equipment, including individual breathing equipment and fire-resistant materials for their work as first responders in the event of fires.

As Adra Civil Protection chief Jose Espinosa commented, “thanks to this it guarantees a better response on being able to deal with a fire with high temperatures more easily, adopting the necessary safety measures for the Civil Protection team members who act on fire prevention.”


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