Axarquia News: Smart moves for Rincon de la Victoria as they step into the future

Smart Costa del Sol: Participation of 13 municipalities from Malaga Province. Credit: Twitter

RINCON de la Victoria is implementing the European initiative `Smart Costa del Sol´, to become a smart town by developing fifteen different actions. The Councillor for New Technologies of Rincón de la Victoria, Josefa Carneo, explained that “it is a pioneer project in the municipality that aims to efficiently and sustainably manage resources and improve services offered to the public through the use of Information Technology and Communications”.

The Mayor of Rincón de la Victoria, Francisco Salado highlighted “the commitment of this Town Council with the `Smart Costa del Sol´, project, where all areas have been involved in this project and an effort will be made to make sure that all the components of this initiative are working in the coming months to offer more and better services to the citizens”.

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To date, two actions have been implemented that have consisted of the use of Big Data Turístico in the Sala Mare Nostrum, Tourism Office and Casa Fuerte Bezmilian

to analyze the behaviours, profile and trends of visitors according to age, sex, nationality; and the installation of a flag-ship space to bring technology closer to the citizen through two 46-inch touch screens that offer tourist information services.

Currently, further projects are being implemented, such as smart parking, located in Calle Adelfa which offers an area of ​​190 spaces, “optimizing the management of parking spaces, facilitating mobility, fuel savings and emission reductions of C02 “, says Carnero.

In the coming months, other actions will be carried out, such as the open data portal, the creation of environmental spaces, intelligent public lighting, the energy efficiency system in public buildings, and a Smart Costa del Sol project app. The overall investment of the project amounts to €371,065.39.



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