Axarquia News: La Axarquía Hospital to extend Oncology service

Oncology Department expansion: Extended service offered.Credit: Twitter

THE Regional Hospital of La Axarquía has announced the expansion of the Oncology Department with the creation of a service that will work from Monday to Friday. Currently, this hospital only serves cancer patients in the maternity area and mammography only on Thursdays. However, the action plan for 2020 contemplates an extension of the Day Clinic that will allow a greater diagnostic and therapeutic activity for patients who are currently referred to other hospitals in the capital.

The manager of the Este-Axarquía Health Area, Miguel Moreno, explained that the expansion of the Oncology service will mean that either directly or through the Regional Hospital, “an oncologist comes from Monday to Friday to treat a greater number of patients with a more advanced pathology.”

Moreno also discussed the creation of a Continuity Assistance Unit that allows chronic patients to be treated during the day and return home at night, considering that it is best for these patients to have a stay that is as short as possible in the hospital. “Our idea is that chronic patients, when they destabilize or undergo a process, do not have to go through the hospital or primary care emergency and through their family doctor or nurse, can be referred to this service”.





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