The fresh smell of pine on Costa del Sol Spain streets

Mayor Mula savours the scent Credit: Ayuntamiento de Fuengirola

THERE is a sweet smell in the air around Fuengirola as not only is the council working on improving its drains, they will also be adding the perfumed smelling scent of pine to the bowsers used for street cleaning.

After experimenting with the use of pine sprays for street cleaning prior to the last local election, Mayor Ana Mula added the promise to make Fuengirola smell better if re-elected and she has now approved the use of pine scented water.

It’s not just about the smell as the 11 vehicles controlled by the council which wash the streets are using a special liquid which also deodorises and contains  a powerful degreaser which will help to remove stains left on the streets and pavements.


The pleasant pine smell lasts for several hours and will be used by both the council trucks and those owned by the concessionary company which is also involved in street cleaning.

Whilst the new service will be appreciated throughout the municipality, it will definitely be a positive activity around the Fairground and Market and will come into its own in the summer when tourists will be able to enjoy the sweet smell of the town.

So with cleansing taking place 24 hours a day all year round in one area or another, there is yet another reason to want to visit Fuengirola.


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