Spain News: Disgraced Malaga football coach claims compensation

Victor Sanchez del Amo Credit: Twitter

THE former coach of Málaga Club de Fútbol, Víctor Sánchez del Amo, has claimed compensation from the club for the grand sum of €600,000. The trainer and his legal team filed a lawsuit on January 29 where they ask that the dismissal be declared void for “the violation of their rights” after it occurred following the issuance of del Amo’s intimate video.

In the brief, they ask for that he should be able to return to his job, as they consider he was unfairly dismissed, and claim the corresponding compensation after the “moral damages caused”. On February 19, the two parties, coach and club, will meet to try to reach an agreement. The meeting will be at the Centre for Mediation Arbitration and Conciliation (CMAC). If it is not possible to reach conciliation between the two parties, the resolution of the case will be passed to a judge.

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Sánchez del Amo has publicly claimed on several occasions that his dismissal was  “unfair and unworthy”. In his first public appearance after the dismissal, he declared: “It is a matter of utmost gravity, not to be treated in a banal way. We are talking about a very serious matter, which can lead to suicides.”

Malaga made a statement on January 11 explaining the reasons for their actions: “Based on the recently discovered events that have not yet been verified, Malaga CF immediately suspends coach Victor Sánchez del Amo from his duties until a full investigation is carried out. “


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