ProDunas working to protect sand dunes within Malaga Province Spain

Formal hand over of the new bench Credit: Benahavis Rotary Club

THE Benahavis Rotary Club has donated a bench to be placed in the Dunas de la Adelfa, Bahia, Marbella.

Councillor for the Environment Maria Victoria Martin underlined the importance of the work being done by ProDunas which is involved in working on the protection and conservation of the dune ecosystems in Marbella and across the Costa del Sol.

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After being thanked by the councillor, Paul Noyer president of the Benahavis Rotary Club explained that it was a pleasure to participate with this project developed by ProDunas, for the conservation and protection of the dunes of the Costa del Sol.

The sponsorship of the wooden bench emphasis  the club’s contribute to the values of sustainability and respect for the environment and it is hoped by all involved that the bench  will have a long life and will be enjoyed by visitors to the area who will hopefully recognise  the efforts  of the environmental association.

The Asociación ProDunas Marbella works tirelessly in the defence and preservation of the unique eco systems that survive in the natural sand dune environments in the province of Malaga and promotes the protection of native flora and small wildlife as well as the recovery, rehabilitation and conservation of the interesting biodiversity of sand dunes within the Marbella boundaries.


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