Positive Stats In Spain On World Cancer Day As Cures Rises Nearly 1% A Year Due To Medical Advances

Great News In Spain On World Cancer Day As Cures Rises Nearly 1% a Year Due to Medical Advances Credit: Shutterstock

THIS Tuesday is World Cancer Day and on a positive note, latest reports reveal that cures are increasing by 0.5 and 1% per year in Spain.

An improvement that the head of Medical Oncology at the Regional and Clinical Hospitals in Malaga, Emilio Alba, attributes to early diagnosis and advances in treatment. “The overall cure is currently between 55 and 60%. It is around 60% in women and around 45% in men,” Alba explains.

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In the province of Malaga, nearly 9,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Those with the highest survival rate of cures are breast, prostate, haematological and infant tumours.

Professionals have taken the opportunity to highlight today, World Cancer Day, the importance of healthy living habits. “The two leading causes of cancer in the developed world are smoking and overweight. If people didn’t smoke and were the ideal weight, a large part of the tumours would not exist because cancer is preventable in many cases,” insists Alba.


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