News update: Murder investigation after babies found dead in Elche, Spain

Mother hid her pregnancy: Police ordered to attend Vinalopó Hospital. Credit: Clinica Hospital

THE Court of Instruction number one of Elche has issued a provisional and bail-free prison sentence for a woman detained last Thursday with regards to the death of her two newborn babies. As reported by the Superior Court of Justice of the Valencian Community (TSJCV) on Monday, the detainee spent last Sunday in prison as she is being investigated for two counts of murder.

It is understood that the woman, who is described as being in her 30s and of Spanish nationality, hid her pregnancy from her family and once her waters broke, she locked herself in the bathroom of her parents’ house where she went into labour. She then stayed inside the bathroom for approximately two hours during which time she consciousness due to the significant amount of blood lost.

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Her parents had tried to enter the bathroom but were unable to open the door as it had been locked from the inside. Finally, they were able to force entry inside and rushed their daughter and the two newborns to Vinalopó Hospital. However, sadly it was too late to save their lives, as the children had already died.

The head of the court had received details from the hospital after the suspect’s admission, in which he was alerted to what had happened. This caused him to then insist that police go to the hospital to remove the bodies of the minors in order to give them further time to investigate.


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