Guardia Civil net €10,000 worth of ‘irregular’ fish in Torrevieja restaurants and hotels


SIX hotels and restaurants in Torrevieja were found to be serving ‘irregular fish’ during a sweep by the Guardia Civil in which more than €10,000 worth of species were seized

According to a police statement, the 800 kilos of suspect fish included species of great commercial value like octopus and swordfish, illegal fish from recreational underwater fishing and fish which either didn’t have regulated sizes or weights, or lacked traceability.

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None of the establishments have been named, the Guardia has only confirmed that there were four hotels and two restaurants involved.

There has not been any indication that the health of consumers would have been put at risk either, but The Regional Ministry of Agriculture and Universal Health and Public Health have been informed.

The inspections were carried out in two phases, the first between January 2 and 15 and the second on January 30.


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