Costa del Sol News: Children celebrate World Wetlands Day in Fuengirola

World Wetlands Day: Raising awareness in children. Credit: Bioparc Fuengirola

BIOPARC Fuengirola joined the celebration of World Wetlands Day on February 2 by carrying out activities dedicated to the biodiversity of one of the most important ecosystems in Spain. For the last 23 years, every February 2, World Wetlands Day has been celebrated in order to World Wetlands Day in society about the importance of preserving these ecosystems. That is why Bioparc Fuengirola held a children’s workshop called “Discovering the wetlands” that consisted of different activities focused on children between six and twelve years old. The youngsters were able to feed the beautiful birds, along with a guided tour of the African wetland area where they have observed different species of birds and antelopes that inhabit the park. This action carried out by the Malaga park aims to raise awareness of the dangers of the disappearance of wetlands. These areas are in danger mainly due to the desertification that exists as a result of climate change. In fact, according to the Aquae Foundation, it is estimated that 64 per cent of the Earth’s wetlands have disappeared since 1900 onwards.


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