COSTA ALMERIA NEWS: Weather conditions make scoring tricky at Aguilon golf

WINNER: New Year Cup winner Karyn Esposito CREDIT: Les Raufer

THE worst of the wind, rain, hail and snow which battered some parts of the province in the latter part of January stayed away from Aguilon golf allowing the weekly Aguilon Members Club competition to go ahead on January 22, although the cloud and cold did impact on play.

The conditions during the Individual Stableford made scoring difficult, with multiple count backs needed to sort out the winners.

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1st Terry Ayling 32 points on a card play off

2nd Matt Mattacola 32 points on a card play off

3rd Dave Sharp 32 pointts

Twos: Terry Ayling x2 8th and 12th, Jim Laing 12th, Phil Burham, Matt Mattacola, Bob Tagg 17th

New Year Cup

The Aguilon Members Club first major of the year took place over two days on Friday January 24 and Monday January 27, with a players combined points total to decide the winner, so consistent scoring was required.

1st Karyn Esposito 32- 35= 67 points on a card play off

2nd Malcolm Chalmers 33-34= 67 points

3rd Kevin Manser 34-32= 66 points

Wednesday January 29 – Campbell Lamont Qualifier

A fine day for golf for round eight of the qualifiers and the scoring getting back to the club’s normal standard.

1st Dave Gray 37 points

2nd Phil Miles 36 points on a card play off

3rd Bill Pratt 36 points

Twos: Sandra Hooker 3rd, Dave Wilson 8th, Roy Bishop, Louis Long 12th, Peter Ayres, Chris Tyler 14th, Dave Gray, Roy Lewis 17th

WINNER: Campbell Lamont qualifier winner Dave Gray
CREDIT: Les Raufer

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